Algiz 8X Rugged Tablet

The ultra-mobile Algiz 8X rugged tablet combines powerful computing with ultimate reliability in the toughest environments. It offers fast processing power along with user-friendly features and design, maximizing your efficiency on long days in the field. The Algiz 8X is powered by a speedy Intel® Pentium processor with plenty of RAM and storage.

Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet

The powerful Algiz 10X rugged tablet offers sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling — a perfect match for today’s mobile workforce. It operates on a powerful Intel® quad-core processor, with a 128 GB SSD, expandable via microSD™ and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, offering top-of-the-line computing capability and massive storage capacity. The Algiz 10X comes standard with Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit).

Algiz RT8 Rugged Tablet

Imagine doing the same work you do now, but doing it better. The Algiz RT8 is a unique 8-inch Android tablet computer built specifically to increase fieldwork efficiency. Work faster, with more focus and fewer interruptions. The Algiz RT8 is ultra-rugged, with a stunning screen, user-friendly design, a range of built-in tools and optional accessories, and even a suite of free mobile device management software.

Algiz RT10 Rugged Tablet

The Algiz RT10 Android tablet takes tough environments in stride. Drop it, shake it, or use it in pouring rain — it would be tough to outperform the ruggedness of this IP67-rated tablet. Extreme temperatures? No problem. Accidental drops? Keep going. The Algiz RT10 meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military test standards so you can concentrate on your work instead of babying your tablet. And the ultra-rugged Algiz RT10 also allows you to view complex graphics with its advanced high-resolution screen technology, super-hardened glass, and sunlight viewability.

Algiz RT10 RTK Rugged Tablet

When you need GPS precision in the field, now there’s a single tool that’s rugged enough, mobile enough and sophisticated enough to fit the bill. The Algiz RT10 RTK rugged Android tablet integrates Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS accuracy into a tablet and is designed specifically for GIS and mapping professionals who need highly precise location data.

Nautiz X2 Rugged Handheld

The Nautiz X2 is the ideal handheld for today’s mobile workforce. With enterprise-level capabilities, it can handle all your tasks – and your rough-and-tumble environments. Plus, it offers the portability, feels, and sophistication of an Android smartphone. All this, and it’s the best value in the market.

Nautiz X6 Ultra-rugged Phablet

If you could take the high-visibility functionality of a tablet and the go-anywhere performance of a rugged handheld and combine them, you’d end up with one device that could take you through your workday with ease. Fortunately for you, this state-of-the-art solution already exists: it’s the Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet.

Nautiz X8

A front-runner in the new generation of handheld computers, the ergonomic Nautiz X8 delivers the largest, most brilliant capacitive touchscreen in its class, along with an unprecedented combination of processing power, connectivity, and field ruggedness. The Nautiz X8 won’t just keep up with you — it’ll lead the way.

Nautiz X9

The Nautiz X9 ultra-rugged computer is a tough-as-nails Android PDA that can handle any environment a field worker might encounter. Loaded with enterprise-level capabilities, super-tough magnesium housing, and a battery that works through the longest days, it delivers powerful outdoor performance.

Nautiz X41

It’s a touchscreen world—but some applications still require a real numeric keypad. The rugged Nautiz X41 offers both. It comes with your choice of a 1D scanner or 2D imager, plus an 8-megapixel camera, NFC, and generous storage. This rugged handheld captures data through capacitive touch gestures or physical buttons and protects your information thanks to integrated security and communications features.

Nautiz X81

If you’re working outdoors, you need tech that’s limitless. Powerful and purpose-built – a device that can go anywhere and accomplish anything you need to do there. Introducing the Nautiz X81, an ultra-rugged handheld with a full numeric keypad, designed to gather data in extreme environments